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Reinvent the reservation in your restaurant

Make the difference

Every day thousands of people book at a restaurant to enjoy a friendly moment around a meal.

We’ve asked ourselves how we could extend this moment and turn it into a responsible and constructive gesture.

A responsible booking module

In 2017, we launched a responsible version of our booking module.

This module commits the restaurant owner to donate an amount per online reservation made on his website. The “Réservation Responsable” association collects the funds in order to finance education projects through food programs.

Each restaurant owner already using Guestonline remains free to join this initiative.


How does it work ?


1. Activate your responsible booking module

If you already are a Guestonline partner, ask our support team to activate the responsible option of your booking module. It’s entirely free, quick and simple. 

Contact us here 

2. Receive your reservations

As usual. Your clients are informed of your commitment by a recognisable logo on your module.

3. Rejoice

and thank you !


You have accepted to donate 1€ per cover booked and honored in your restaurant.

You are contributing to  a better world.

Join our ambassadors

These restaurateurs have decided to engage in the movement, why not you ?


I have decided to commit to the Réservation Responsable association because I am convinced that if “everyone does his share” then we won’t be powerless facing the world’s misery.
Thank you for your support.
Sébastien BRAS

Maison Bras, Le Suquet

Thanks to its clients The Tour d’Argent commits to Réservation Resaponsable so that all our little efforts can serve big causes. Each online reservation is  transformed from now on into a solidary action.


Tour d'Argent, Paris

Liberty and solidarity guide our family’s profesional and personal choices. The model of Réservation Responsable is in line with our beliefs in order to be connected, solidary and free.


Maison Bricourt, Cancale

The Réservation Responsable initiative is perfectly in line with the values that we wish to transmit : Sharing, Transmission and Solidarity.

Friends Restaurateurs, join us : « alone you can go quicker, together we can go further. »

Vincent LEROUX

Paul Bocuse, Collonges

You wish to make your reservation responsible ?


Where do the collected funds go ?

1 cover booked = 4 hot meals served


In partnership with

Pitchouns du Monde contributes to the well-being of the poorest children in Nepal, Burma and Thailand so that they can reach their full potential and build a better future. Special support is given to orphanages, families and communities to develop in the long term.

These objectives are achieved in agreement with the local authorities and associations, without any political, religious or ethnic considerations. Also, no transfer of funds or equipment is made: investments are made directly on site with local businesses to boost their communities.

For its first year of operation, the Réservation Responsable association has chosen to weave a partnership with Pitchouns du Monde.

The 2018 project

The Pitchouns project targets the Halesi / Maratika primary school in Nepal, where there are around 100 children.

The 3 axes of developpement for the school are :

  1. Food: Provision of daily school meals
  2. Equipment / Supplies: Uniforms, school equipment …
  3. Health: Help equip the school with basic necessities and also set up a structure to ensure the health of children.

The Maratika project is located in the Halesi village in the Khotang district, Nepal, about 10 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Halesi is the Hindu name and Maratika the Tibetan name. It is a holy place for both Hindus and Buddhists: there are the sacred caves of Maratika.

This remote region of Nepal is very poor and is home to a population that lacks everything.

The association Pitchouns du Monde wishes to take the continuation of the actions led by the association Songtsen / Siddhartha, which has already worked a lot for Maratika. Pitchouns du Monde’s approach is centered on the ground and on the needs expressed by the populations themselves. It works in collaboration with several organisations and local partners. This project will be done with the help of the  Maratika monastery but also the Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen association, with which it has already set up projects in Nepal.


The 2017 results

 The Pitchouns du Monde association has worked in the  Mitra Sikshya Secondary School in Kathmandu

  • 58 hot meals served every day  42%
  • 102 school bags filled with school supplies 59%
  • 32 uniforms for kids who can’t afford to buy one  80%

You wish to make your reservation responsible ?


Who are we ?


The genesis

This project is the initiative of Antoine Girard, founder of the Guestonline company and committed restaurateurs (Sébastien Bras, André Terrail, Vincent Le Roux and Olivier Roellinger). Together, they want their profession to have a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. Online booking is now a classic way to get to the restaurant. Guestonline has made the reservation free for the restaurant owner in 2012. In 2018, we wish to propose a new vision together: The responsible booking. Thus the association Réservation Resaponsable was born, with the ambition to rely on our means and our technology to generate funds for a good cause.

Join the movement

Envoyez nous vos coordonnées et nous vous recontactons pour vous parler du projet


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